steven jacobs


Dr. Steven Jacobs (1967) is an art historian who has worked as an academic researcher for GUST between 1996 and 2005. He contributed largely to both The Urban Condition and Post Ex Sub Dis, GUST's two collectively written volumes. Within the context of GUST, he has written a doctoral dissertation on the urban photography of the late twentieth century. In addition, he is the author of monographs on Henry Van de Velde, Raoul De Keyser, and Paul Robbrecht & Hilde Daem. Steven Jacobs has published widely on the visual arts in various exhibition catalogues and professional journals. In particular, he has written extensively on the photographic and cinematic representations of architecture, cities, and landscapes. He is currently writing a book on the architecture of Alfred Hitchcock.

Over the years, Steven Jacobs has been teaching at various art schools and universities in Belgium and Holland. He currently teaches film history and film theory at Sint-Lukas College of Art Brussels, the Academy of Fine Arts (KASK) in Ghent, and the University of Antwerp.


selected publications

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